Auditorium Jun 21, 2017 11:15 - 11:45

The sophistication, speed, and dynamics of cyberattacks are continually increasing. Advanced cyber threat actors and even script kiddies are combining automation with adaptive tradecraft. Standardization of interfaces and protocols to facilitate interoperability and integration are also leading to more flexible and interoperable cyber defense components. was founded to standardize machine-to-machine command and control to enable cyber defense system interoperability at machine speed. Just as automation has a fundamental impact on attacker economics, OpenC2 will have a fundamental impact on defender economics.


The presentation will:

  • Review how automation affects the structure of attacker economics, e.g. black markets, script kiddies, and others
  • Show how cloud economics can affect software design and cybersecurity
  • Introduce the concept of OpenC2 and how to respond to attack in near realtime
  • Show how OpenC2 can impact cloud cybersecurity economics
  • And explain what defense-at-machine-speed means to C-suite occupants.

sFractal Consulting LLC
Chief Cyber Curmudgeon


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