Auditorium Jun 21, 2017 09:45 - 10:15

A primary concern for most CISOs and security professionals is how to effectively reduce risk within their organizations. They must identify improvements to data, tools, processes, and personnel to significantly reduce the risk and impact of financial, technical, and organizational cyber threats to their organizations. Effectively integrating threat intelligence into an organization’s security posture requires a comprehensive approach not solely focused on data. Rather, security professionals must determine the impact of threat intelligence across the entire company; how it’s used, how it can be integrated, who is impacted, who uses its output, and what can be improved.


The presentation will cover:

  • Key aspects of threat intelligence CISOs should consider
  • Success stories from organizations leveraging threat intelligence
  • Teams, structures, and processes that must be introduced or exist for success
  • Threat intelligence program functions that must be considered for effective results
  • Correlating, refining, and integrating threat intelligence with another security infrastructure
  • And data, processes, and personnel metrics that must be collected to maximize impact on the organization.

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Chief Technology Officer


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