Auditorium Jun 22, 2017 13:30 - 14:00

The International Computing Centre's (ICC) information security services covers cyber security oversight and governance, as well as operational components for many of the United Nations Partner Organizations. The ICC develops solutions to improve information security management capabilities, to meet the needs of the UN's cyber security strategic goals concerning growing cyber threats. Solutions in support of these UN agencies include a variety of information security initiatives such as incident response, security roadmaps, information security awareness programs, etc.

The organization provides 'CISO as a Service,' which operates within a Client's structure, in contact with the Client's senior executives. The CISO service acts along with the Client's executives on strategic guidance and business alignments, CIOs on assurance, technical teams on expertise, end-users on awareness as well as 3rd parties possibly representing the Client. These services provided help to strengthen relationships with the cyber community at large on behalf of United Nations organizations and to foster a reputation for excellence. ICC is thus uniquely positioned to quickly disseminate cyber threat alerts and other critical information to organizations across the world.

During this session, the Head of Information Security Services at ICC will talk about her current role as the CISO for several UN agencies. She'll address the unique perspectives and challenges her team faces when working for many different types of agencies around the globe. Also discussed will be how they share knowledge when ever possible on the different identified common weaknesses, strengths, threats and risks affecting the agencies they support.

United Nations, International Computing Centre
Head, Information Security Services, Clients and Projects Division


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