Auditorium Jun 22, 2017 09:45 - 10:15

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology is a hot topic in the technology world. Leveraging cryptography in innovative ways, it is a new approach to data management and sharing and is actively touted as a solution to many problems from finance to bureaucracy. Its implementation and technical design, however, lead to some interesting architectures in developing solutions for which there are few agreed best practices. As technology experts, providers, and companies work on the underlying technology and its potential uses, new security and risk implications continue to surface. The journey from today’s centralized infrastructure to a new technological paradigm will take time and patience.


During this session, Champion de Crespigny will illustrate the importance of understanding the range of potential implications for security and risk and how critical it will be for organizations to address these concerns if they expect to succeed in a decentralized world.

Ernst & Young
Americas Blockchain Leader, Financial Services


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